VOLUNTEERS WELCOME on our bird ringing camp on the wild Polish Baltic Coast in May 2024. You have an opportunity to support one of the oldest bird ringing schemes of the World – Operation Baltic. You will help to handle caught birds, identify and ring them as well as with measuring, weighting and data entry tasks. You will get to know and distinguish every caught species by direct contact, in hand!

Work with Pioneers. Operation Baltic is a world-renowned bird research project going on for more than half a century. Nearly two million birds of 208 species have been ringed so far. The projest is implemented in cooperation with top Polish and Foreign universities. The Operation Baltic manages the most detailed database of vertebrate measurements of the world.

What will I do? You will handle birds, taking them out of the nets. Our main duty will be to regularly check mist nets installed near the camp. We will take caught birds to the base, where they will be identified, ringed and measured. We will weight them and release back to the wild. We will register all observations made by the Ringer in a special notebook.

Our unique feature is that EVERY PARTICIPANT WILL BE TRAINED TO HANDLE AND EXTRACT BIRDS from nets because in Poland it is the very first skill that you learn when training to be a Ringer.

Where will I stay? In a truly unique place, in the heart of a well-known landscape park! The camp is located near the sea shore. We will sleep in tents provided on site, but you need your own sleeping bag. Thick, comfy mattresses and blankets are provided. There is a TOI-TOI toilet, access to a shower and electricity from generator or solar panel. We cook common meals on a gas stove.

Who are you looking for? It’s an exciting international experience for Birdwatchers, Bird Ringers and Nature Lovers, but we welcome persons from all walks of life. You don’t have to know birds well. The tasks will be tailored to your individual needs and high-quality field training is provided.

What’s in it for me? We offer HANDS-ON intensive exchange of specialist knowledge and HANDS-ON experience in field research abroad accompanied by our high-quality training in bird species identification, handling and measurements. All of this confirmed by our unique Certificate of Participation to boost your CV. We offer deep contact with Wildlife 24/7. You will meet inspiring, like-minded people and gain unforgettable memories!

To apply: send an email to Joanna at info@wildareas.net and introduce yourself in few words, explaining why you are interested in the Project and why we should choose YOU as a Participant. You will receive a detailed Information Pack and the Application Form.

The project dates are as follows:

06-15 MAY 2024

Camps last for 10 days, but individual length of stay can also be arranged.

To stay informed on our latest events, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wildareas and visit our website: www.wildareas.net

Thank you for your Passion and interest in our work and see you soon on the camp!

About Wild Areas Network

Wild Areas Network connects Passionate Naturalists and Explorers from all over the World to volunteer in the wildest places of Poland as Field Researchers.