Pick up an adventure in an enchanting and unexplored corner of paradise in Borneo, where your role will be instrumental in safeguarding the extraordinary ecosystem and its inhabitants. Reside along the Kinabatangan River, nestled in the protected rainforest known as the Corridor of Life. This biodiverse haven is teeming with orangutans, pygmy elephants, proboscis monkeys, macaques, singing gibbons, sun bears, and a plethora of avian species, offering a utopia for nature enthusiasts and thrill-seekers alike.



Borneo, boasting remarkable biodiversity but faces imminent threats from industrial activities and logging, jeopardizing its natural allure and diverse wildlife. Despite being an island once blanketed with expansive rainforests, they are dwindling and concerted efforts are now underway in Borneo to safeguard its diminishing natural habitats.

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Internship Role

This conservation initiative is situated in a recently protected government area and employs a dual-focused strategy:

  • Reforestation Work: Engage in the gratifying task of jungle regeneration by planting trees and maintaining previously planted plots. The expansion of jungle coverage creates a conducive environment for various wildlife species. Witness the tangible results of your efforts within just an hour or two, with an even more substantial impact by the project’s conclusion. While the work may be physically demanding, the sense of accomplishment is truly rewarding.
  • Wildlife Monitoring: Contribute to the project’s non-physical aspect by spending time on the boat monitoring local wildlife. Document observations and sightings, sharing this vital information with local wildlife authorities. This critical work helps assess the variety and quantity of species in the area, reinforcing its status as a conservation zone. In cases of declining species numbers, a thorough analysis is conducted to identify and address potential causes.

Beyond these primary daily activities, additional tasks and activities encompass:

  • Community Development: Collaborate with the local community on sustainable projects, gaining insights into their way of life and assisting in promoting positive environmental practices. Examples include cultivating tree saplings.
  • Local Education Programme: Contribute to moulding the future stewards of the rainforest by educating local children (aged 6-12) about their environment and the importance of its protection. Sessions focus on conservation, inspiring children to safeguard their homeland for the future. Note that this may be adjusted based on the school calendar.
  • Jungle Exploration: Immerse yourself in the jungle to deepen your understanding of the unique ecosystem’s flora and fauna, providing context to your conservation efforts.

Quick Facts

  • Available for 7 or 12 days
  • Oyster also offer a sun bear research and rehabilitation project in this location
  • Available starting one a month throughout the year
  • 18+ years for solo travellers
  • Prices start from £999 including accommodation, food and transfers

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“Mark in Malaysia is a formidable guy, an excellent educator, passionate conservationist and 100% dedicated to the work they are doing on the ground.  He is infectious and brings out the best from every volunteer on the project.  There were so many magical moments but seeing a mother and baby orangutan, in the wild, at close quarters will take some beating!  Also for the sheer hilarity that ensued – the boat breaking down late afternoon in a croc-infested river led to the most incredible wildlife observation experiences of the trip. Grasp that nettle and do it!’ Carmel 7 days.

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