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Six things every potential recruit for WWF should know! For the past seven years, Laurence Najem has been recruiting talent from all over the globe for WWF International. Today she answers a few questions every potential recruit for WWF should know. 1. How many CVs do you reckon you’ve reviewed? How many candidates have you
Conservation Careers Blogger Marta Calix reports live from the Ara Project in Costa Rica where she is working as a volunteer. The Ara Project is dedicated to saving Costa Rica’s two native macaws: the endangered Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw. In this second in a series of videos sent live from the field, Marta wakes up early
Conservation Careers Blogger Marta Calix reports live from the Ara Project in Costa Rica where she is working as a volunteer. The Ara Project is dedicated to saving Costa Rica’s two native macaws: the endangered Great Green Macaw and the Scarlet Macaw. In this first of a series of videos sent live from the field,
Working your way through the career ladder in tough economic times is never easy, especially in an ultra-competitive field such as conservation. This means that the pressure to perform in an interview can adversely affect performance. However, with a bit of luck and by using the following advice, you’ll be calm, focused and ready to
“Most interns don’t have a clue because nobody has told them the golden rules”, tells careers guru Mike Pegg. If you follow these five simple steps in your next internship, volunteer post or paid post, you’ll make yourself utterly invaluable. “On the way to work, think about the positive things you want to do and
After meeting Dr. Julian Bayliss at Cambridge University back in 2011, shortly after he discovered what is known as the Google Forest, he inspired me to study Zoology after telling me about some of his adventures. Now featuring in his own Google explorer advert he’s inspiring others by showing that new discoveries are still out
Conservation Careers was founded one year ago with the belief that all wildlife is beautiful, and it deserves an army of passionate, professional, and committed conservationists helping it to thrive. What follows is a quick snapshot from our first year – in numbers: 22 amazing volunteers built Conservation Careers. 87 detailed careers advice articles were
Expeditions are undoubtedly one of the most exciting facets of a career in conservation, and whether you’re going through a volunteer organisation or putting forward your own research proposal, the question of how to fund your project should be given due consideration from the outset. Finding your feet Volunteer organisations such as Frontier and Operation
Stephen Awoyemi is Founding Chair of the Religion and Conservation Research Collaborative. He is originally from Nigeria and is additionally currently studying for his Master’s Degree in Conservation Leadership at the University of Cambridge. What is your job title? I currently work in conservation in two capacities. I serve as president elect for the Society for Conservation
Internationally renowned wildlife photographer David Cottridge  has travelled the world, photographed most of Europe’s bird species and worked with the likes of Bill Oddie, Nick Baker and Chris Packham. He tells Conservation Careers Blogger Charlotte Rixon why wildlife photography matters and how to follow in his footsteps. How did you get started as a wildlife photographer?
Rab Nawaz is WWF Pakistan’s Director of the Sindh Region. Here he shares his passion for conservation, the Western Tragopan and Pakistan’s wildlife with Conservation Careers Blogger, Zehra Zawawi. What is your role at WWF Pakistan and what are your main duties?  My title at WWF Pakistan is Director Sindh but I also look after
Following the advice from Sarashka King’s ‘How to become a Conservation Volunteer?‘ Conservation Careers Blogger Hannah De Frond explores the many positives that you can gain from a volunteering experience, and why she would recommend it to anyone, especially those aiming to pursue a career in conservation. Field Skills You can gain many field skills
In order for conservation to be effective, we need to engage audiences by using as many tools as we can.  This includes writing, photography, and videography.  While the written word and still images are extremely powerful, as we continue to move into this new technological age, creative videography will become more important in capturing the
If you are looking for a job in conservation, it is imperative that you know of the latest stories, debates and happenings in the conservation world. Conservation Careers Blogger Karen Sim Clerc shares her favourite websites for conservation news and stories. and Mongabay’s founder Rhett Butler started the site in 1999 (named after
So you want a career in conservation? Great! Whether you are an accountant who has just decided that maybe conservation is your thing, or you have just finished a degree in Conservation Management, you have come to the right place. You have to start somewhere, and here are some things you will be able to