Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Calling all Students!

Are you a conservation student wondering what you’ll do when you graduate? Would you like to get a jump-start on navigating the conservation sector, finding your ideal job and fast-tracking your job search? Or maybe you know a great Bachelor’s, Degree or Master’s programme that could benefit from some additional career transition support?

At Conservation Careers, we know that entering the conservation sector can be competitive, and sometimes even talented graduates struggle to find their way. But we believe that all conservationists should be able to find their dream job quickly and enjoy meaningful, impactful careers.

That’s why we’re excited to roll out a brand-new Conservation Career Kick-Starter – Student Pilot Programme 2020. Through the programme, students undertaking Degree, Bachelor or Master’s Degrees related to conservation and ecology will be able to participate in our Conservation Career Kick-Starter online course through their universities.

Students will receive full access to our online Conservation Career Kick-Starter course, a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. Participants get a clear idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for them, what experience and education they’ll need, and how to apply, get interviews and get hired – all in just 15 hours.

If you want to see specialised conservation career support at your university, read on and be sure to share the news with your course/programme leader or careers team!

About Conservation Careers

Conservation Careers is the #1 careers advice centre for conservationists. Our Conservation Career Kick-Starter is a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. Through it participants get a much clearer idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for them, what experience and education they’ll need, and how to apply for them, get interviews and get hired.

What is the Conservation Career Kick-Starter?

Through the course students create a personalised career plan, which captures their learning and nest steps, significantly improving their employability upon graduation within the competitive conservation sector.

The course is organised into three modules and seventeen units as follows:

Module 1 | Who are you?

  • Your Superpowers
  • The History Test
  • Your Skills
  • The Airport Test
  • Your Preferences
  • Your Causes
  • Your Career Compass

Module 2 | Where are you going?

  • Employer Types
  • Job Types
  • Your Job Shortlist
  • Exploring your Shortlist
  • Your Target Conservation Job

Module 3 | How will you get there?

  • Your Employability Gaps
  • Becoming Employable
  • How to apply for a conservation job
  • How to prepare and deliver great job Interviews
  • Commitments

The Conservation Careers Academy

Participants also get access to three month’s enrolment into The Conservation Careers Academy. This includes access to:

  • The world’s biggest conservation job board with over 8,000 jobs from across the globe each year.
  • Hundreds of conservation Internships, Volunteerships and Expeditions from across the globe.
  • Thousands of career-boosting courses, training-events, Masters Degrees, online courses and much more.
  • Support in our private Conservation Careers Academy Facebook group and via live chat.
  • Regular live online training events covering the key elements of finding work in the conservation sector.
  • Showcase their CV or resume in our featured talent pool used by employers and recruiters.
  • Much more…

Additional Extras

Participants of the course also get access to a growing set of detailed guides, including:

  • 15 Key Conservation Jobs | Ultimate Guide for Conservation Job Seekers.
  • Top Paid & No-fee Conservation Internships.
  • How to apply for a conservation job | The 10-step guide to nailing your dream role.
  • Conservation Internships and Volunteering | Finding the best opportunity for you.
  • Top Conservation Training Opportunities.
  • Video | Marine Conservation Careers.
  • Top Conservation Scholarships.
  • Mistakes to avoid in your conservation job hunt.
  • Much more…

Student Pilot Programme 2020

The Kick-Starter course has been developed through a series of seven weekend workshops, run over two years with over 150 students from a range of backgrounds, abilities and nationalities (20 countries to date). The practical training workshops were then successfully converted into an online course, which has been taken by over 400 students from across the globe. Both workshops and the online course have received 100% satisfaction and recommendations from students to date. Additionally, we have taught career planning to students of the Masters in Conservation Leadership at Cambridge University since 2014.

In 2020, we plan to pilot running the online careers course for students undertaking Degree, Bachelor or Master’s Degrees related to conservation and ecology. Through the pilot we aim to learn how best to support the employability needs of students, course/programme leaders and career departments.

How will it work?

Students enrolled in the pilot programme will take part in a live online welcome event with Conservation Careers and then be provided full access to the online course, workbook. Academy and associated materials. We will provide support by email and through an online community forum, and establish completion of the course via the submission of a completed workbook. Each student completing the course will receive a certificate.

The total commitment from students is around 15 hours. We will work with course and programme leaders to identify suitable start and end dates in 2020 for their students to participate in the programme.

How much will it cost?

This is a pilot programme, and as such we’re not charging an institution to enrol up to 30 students in the programme. The feedback we’ll receive from students, course/programme leaders and career departments will help us to refine and roll out the programme as a paid offering more widely in 2021.

How can you take part?

To register your interest in the programme you must first be a course/programme leader or represent a careers department.Students can not apply directly themselves. If you’re not, please pass on these details to them and encourage them to apply on your behalf.

In order for course/programme leaders to apply, please register your interest in the pilot programme here and we’ll be back in touch soon.

Applications close 14th May 2020.

Who do I ask if I have questions?

If you have any questions please contact Dr Nick Askew (Director) at

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