Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Student Pilot Programme

Are you a student who needs help kick-starting your career in conservation? Or a course or program leader who wants to give your students a jump-start navigating the conservation sector, fast-tracking their job search and finding fulfilling, impactful careers?

Entering the conservation sector can be competitive, and sometimes even the most talented graduates struggle to find their way. But we believe that all conservationists should be able to find their dream job quickly and enjoy meaningful, impactful careers.

Our Conservation Career Kick-Starter | Student Pilot Programme gives students free access to our online course, the Conservation Career Kick-Starter, through their universities. It’s designed for students undertaking Degree, Bachelor or Master’s Degrees related to conservation and ecology.

Students receive full access to our online Conservation Career Kick-Starter course, a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready and get hired in the conservation sector. Participants get a clear idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for them, what experience and education they’ll need, and how to apply, get interviews and get hired – all in just 15 hours.

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