How to do a great interview for a conservation job?

  • Conservation Job Interviews: Turning Dread into Confidence

    Conservation Careers Blogger Paolo Strampelli shares his secrets to preparing for the most dreaded of experiences – the job interview… We’ve all been there. You’re sitting in a waiting room, in a café, or even on your bed, Skype logged in and ready. You’re nervously waiting for the moment you’re going to have to smile, […] READ MORE

  • What’s it like to work for WWF?

    WWF have 58 offices around the globe and around 6,203 staff. Mary Ellen Swenson is a Human Resources Coordinator at WWF and is based at the headquarters in Gland, Switzerland. Her role involves a lot of work in social media, promoting our vacancies, shortlisting and doing interviewing. In an interview with Conservation Careers she describes […] READ MORE

  • Ten Tips to Beat Interview Nerves

    Working your way through the career ladder in tough economic times is never easy, especially in an ultra-competitive field such as conservation. This means that the pressure to perform in an interview can adversely affect performance. However, with a bit of luck and by using the following advice, you’ll be calm, focused and ready to […] READ MORE

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