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What does your career look like post-COVID crisis?

Have you spent some time during the past 15 months reflecting on your work, and wondering what your legacy might be when you look back on your career?

Check out our Live Q&A, where we talk about how we can help you join the green recovery, and start the career you deserve!

A green recovery

For many of us, COVID has been a wake-up call. A time to reconnect with nature and ourselves for greater balance, meaning and inspiration.

We’ve seen Governments across the globe rapidly acting – providing billions in aid to help people and support their economies, in the face of the COVID threat.

So why can’t they also act to tackle biodiversity loss and climate change?

They’ve shown what they can do, and now is the time to REALLY act to tackle the biggest issues facing people and planet.

People across the planet are calling for a green recovery, and the leaders are listening.

  • In the UK, the government proposed £3 billion in funding for ‘a green and resilient recovery’.
  • In Germany, the government pledged ‘a green recovery’ with funding of £36 billion.
  • The European Council agreed to a massive recovery fund of £644 billion, to help tackle climate change in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

At Conservation Careers we’ve seen jobs flood back into the sector, and new roles being created as a result of the green recovery.

We’ve also spoken with people who are leading the charge to deliver more jobs on the ground, for people like you.

For example, we talked on the podcast to Beth Thoren, Deputy CEO of Client Earth, who’s spearheading a huge and exciting drive to create jobs in nature through a new National Nature Service.

“… we’re aiming to create 15,000 jobs within the sector directly, and another 5,000 in supply chain and supporting the work”, said Beth on our podcast here.

So as the green recovery starts to take root, we want to help you be ready to be part of it, by helping you craft your career post-COVID crisis.

How can YOU join the green recovery?

If you’re planning to start, switch or reboot your career as part of the green recovery, you probably have lots of unanswered questions.

You might be feeling a little confused.

  • Do I need a Master’s to work in conservation?
  • Which conservation job is right for me?
  • As a Career Switcher, do I need to totally start again?!

What single strategy should you be using to secure your dream job as quickly and easily as possible?

How can you do it without wasting time or money? Why has it been proven to work for hundreds of our students at Conservation Careers?

Get 33% off our flagship training until 18th July 2021

To help you craft your career post-COVID, we’re inviting you to join our flagship ‘Conservation Career Kick-Starter’ training programme at a specially discounted rate.

Until Sunday 18th July 2021 at midnight (UK Time) you can enrol with a massive 33% discount.

The Conservation Career Kick-Starter is a proven step-by-step system to get clear, get ready, and get hired in the conservation sector. No confusion. No ambiguity. Telling you EXACTLY what to do. Walking you through the entire process.

You’ll get a much clearer idea of the sector, the hot (and hidden) jobs, which ones are right for you, what experience and education you need, and how to apply for them, get interviews and get hired.

After going through the course, you’ll have created a personal career plan which will finally give you confidence in your job hunt and will make everything quicker, simpler and more fun!

How good is it?!

We’ve had over 1,500 ‘kick-stars’ through the programme to date, and so many success stories of people starting their careers as a result.

In the past year we’ve also been teaching the programme at over 40 Universities from across the globe, and we’ve received 99% satisfaction and recommendation ratings.

“You will not regret enrolling in this course! This is an absolutely unmissable opportunity in my book if you have any career aspirations whatsoever: academic, conservation, consultancy, general graduate market. The process of self-reflection as part of the course will deeply empower you going forward, no matter what path – it will be a fruitful one” Professor Brendan Godley, Chair in Conservation Science, Centre for Ecology and Conservation (CEC), University of Exeter.

Who is the programme for?

  • Students | If you are currently at university of college and planning to try and find work in the conservation sector when you graduate.
  • Job Seekers | If you are currently hunting for a conservation job but struggling.
  • Careers Switchers | If you have always had a passion for wildlife and want to work in nature conservation, but don’t know where to start.

Are you ready to join the green recovery?

  • If you’re serious about becoming a conservationist, why not follow your dreams?
  • Why not give yourself access to the best resources you can get your hands on?
  • Why not arm yourself with support, training, and guidance from the industry experts?
  • And why not give yourself every opportunity to become a professional conservationist?

I’m ready to join!

Watch our Live Q&A  

Have questions?

Watch the recording of our special live Q&A where we provide you more details about the course, and answer top questions.

We can’t wait to help you join the green recovery, and start the career you deserve!


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