NEW Podcast and 43 days to UK Training Course

We’re super excited at Conservation Careers HQ this week for two BIG reasons… REASON ONE – Our training course starts in just 44 days! From the 14th-17th September we’re running our SECOND EVER ‘Conservation Career Starter – UK Training Course’… The special event will help you to explore your career options and get a clear, actionable plan together to get you going. You’ll also get certified in Project Management for Wildlife Conservation from the experts at WildTeam UK. Highly sought-after skills in any field of work.

The course is designed for:

    • Job Seekers – Such as under-graduates and post-graduates looking for that first paying role in wildlife conservation
    • Career Switchers – People looking to switch into conservation from a totally different sector, but don’t know where to start and need a helping hand
    • Career Explorers – Those doing an unrelated course or training right now, but feel their passion is in nature conservation. This course will help you to explore your career options and get a clear, actionable plan together to help you pivot and change direction with confidence

REASON TWO – The Conservation Careers Podcast is now live! We explore how to get a conservation job by speaking to professional conservationists who share their career stories and advice. If you want the inside scoop on the life of a professional conservationist and their industry, are feeling lost in your conservation job hunt and need some direction, or wanting to work in conservation but don’t know where to start – this is the podcast for you.

You can listen and subscribe to the Conservation Careers Podcast on iTunesSpotify or Stitcher using the following links, or search for ‘conservation careers podcast’ and you’ll find us.

The Conservation Careers Podcast – Available Episodes

Patricia Zurita | CEO of BirdLife International 
In this opening episode of the Conservation Careers Podcast, Nick Askew speaks with Patricia Zurita, CEO of BirdLife International. Patricia shares her career story so far, and how she got from her childhood in Ecuador to be the only female leader of a big international conservation charity. She also tells us what it’s like to a CEO, what advice she’d give budding conservationists in their job hunt, what skills and people the conservation movement are looking for, and discusses some of the biggest challenges facing the industry. Check out the podcast here –


Professor Bill Sutherland | Cambridge University
In this episode of the Conservation Careers Podcast, Nick Askew talks to Professor Bill Sutherland – Miriam Rothschild Chair of Conservation Biology, Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge and Founder of Conservation Evidence. Bill is proposing a ‘revolution in conservation practice’, and we talk today about his drive to develop a sound evidence base for conservation. Doing more of what is proven to work, and less of what isn’t. Bill also shares his thoughts on the ways to progress an academic career, along with practical advice on how to apply for PhDs (and jobs), and which mistakes to avoid. Check out the podcast here –


Dr Adam Barlow | WildTeam UK
In this episode of the Conservation Careers Podcast, Nick Askew speaks to Adam Barlow, Executive Director WildTeam UK. In this episode Adam shares his exciting career so far helping to conserve tigers, working with local communities, and now supporting conservationists to be even better. During the podcast Adam also shares some really practical and innovative advice for how you can get your first paying dream job as a conservationist! Check out the podcast here –


Anna Kloth | Paradise Interns 
Anna is founder of Paradise Interns. Paradise Interns runs free digital marketing internships at leading dive centers in Indonesia. Calling in from Komodo National Park, on the island of Flores, Anna shares what it’s like to work as a dive instructor – the highs and lows – and the growing opportunities for you to become a digital nomad. Working online as you travel the globe. We also talk more about Paradise Interns and explore what to look out for when finding your next volunteer opportunity or Internship. Check out the podcast here –

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