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At Conservation Careers we’re on a mission to help conservationists find the best training opportunities to launch or boost their careers. That’s why we’re sharing the Top Conservation Training Opportunities worldwide, based on transparent reviews from current and past students.

The list of Top Conservation Training Opportunities is drawn from over 1,300 conservation training opportunities across the globe that we’ve listed on our Conservation Training Board. It includes everything from short online courses to multi-year masters programmes.

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Top Conservation Training Opportunities 2020 MedalTop Conservation Training Opportunities

The following courses and programmes have received five or more positive reviews from current or past students:

12 week Nature Conservation Training Course

Training Provider | Ambios

Location | South Devon, UK

Type | Short course

Summary | This 12-week immersive course is suitable for anyone with an interest in nature. Whatever field of work you are in this course will be of benefit. Each industry/sector/ job has a role to play in knowing about and making informed decisions with regards to our natural world.

Ambios’ experience suggests that graduates looking for crucial experience, career changers who are looking for a way into working in the nature conservation sector or those who are inspired by the natural world and want to broaden their horizons really benefit from this course.

Attendance | Full time

Delivery | In person

Duration | 2.5 months

Cost | £1,100 per month

Sample Review | “Ambios is a serious, professional organisation with a kind, caring and expert team. I’d recommend their courses to anyone that shares a passion for nature, hands on learning and the outdoors” – Laetitia Craig.

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Asian Elephants: Animal Behavior and Wildlife Conservation in Thailand

Training Provider | Mahouts Elephant Foundation

Location | Thailand

Type | Short course

Summary | This programme is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for qualified students to study Asian elephants in their natural habitat in their range country.

The Asian Elephant Compassionate Conservation field course explores how the science of animal behavior and well-being can be used in conservation, to improve outcomes for animals, people and the environment. Compassionate Conservation is an emerging cross-disciplinary scientific field, that recognizes that the health and wellbeing of all living things – including humans – are connected.

For this field course, each student will have his or her own research project, as part of an ongoing research collaboration between ICC and MEF, that is studying the behavior, social dynamics, bioacoustics and foraging ecology of a family rewilded Asian elephants. To collect the data for their projects, students will hike into bamboo and tropical evergreen forest to observe the elephants. Students will be accompanied by trained staff and elephant guardians when hiking out to the elephants.

Besides gaining field work experience, this course addresses the socio-cultural context of conservation. Students will explore the complexities and challenges of community-based conservation, and will be immersed in cultural experiences. Students will also gain language skills in S’gaw Karen and Thai, through formal lessons by bi- and tri-lingual field staff, and by conversing with community members.

Attendance | Full time

Delivery | Placement abroad

Duration | 2 months

Cost | £2,175 per course

Sample Review | “I attended this study abroad program in August of 2018 and it was the best experience of my life! This was my first time traveling outside of the country by myself and it was amazing. I felt completely safe under the supervision of the staff in and out of the forest. The Mahout foundation has an fantastic staff and the people living in the village are beyond exceptional. Everyone is super friendly and love to interact with you and get to know you. I got to be well educated on ecotourism and the amazing herd of elephants I got to go out in the forest and see. Learning how Asian elephants interact in their natural environment just shows how it is the best place for them to be so, they can thrive and be happy and healthy 🙂 If you are thinking of attending this program I highly recommend it was the best decision I ever made and it meant a lot to me” – Danielle.

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