Webinar | Women in Conservation

What unique challenges do women in conservation face? Are self-sabotage and imposter syndrome more common in women? How can women conservationists gain more support in their careers?

Explore the barriers and opportunities for the women who’ve dedicated their careers to conserving ‘mother Earth’! Join us for a free webinar with Kirsty Crawford and Laura Cuppage of & another thing, an honest place for conservation issues.

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During this webinar you’ll learn:

  • What inequality issues do women in conservation still face?
  • What challenges and opportunities exist for women to balance their careers with family life?
  • How might self-sabotage and imposter syndrome affect women in particular?
  • What opportunities are there for female role modelsleadership and mentorship?

Watch the webinar | Women in Conservation


Meet our guest speakers

Kirsty Crawford

Kirsty currently works for an environmental charity as a Senior Citizen Science Project Officer, delivering a host of nature and community based wildlife programmes.

She has taken a few different paths: from her undergraduate in Journalism and Creative Writing and a Performing Arts Diploma and years spent in London as a professional performer. To internships with the BBC Natural History Unit, roles at London Zoo and Buglife, then finally graduating with an MSc in Wildlife Biology and Conservation.

She is passionate about being ‘more than one thing’ in life and advocating for the impact of environmental education through many different sectors.

Laura Cuppage

After graduating with a BA Hons Textile for Fashion and Interiors Degree, Laura has worked in many different industries. It was in her role at ZSL London Zoo where she entered into the world of conservation. She worked as a Presenter and then Live Interpretation Developer, writing engaging educational content to deliver to audiences live. She also undertook freelance illustration work for ZSL including the artwork for worldwide animal adoption packs.

After leaving the zoo in 2019, Laura returned home to Bournemouth and is currently working in an eco-friendly café, concentrating on using her artwork as a way of communicating passion for the natural world. She wants to reassure those who don’t work in conservation but have a passion for it, that they can still be conservationists and are still as important in the fight for change.

Kirsty and Laura also answer live questions from our audience, such as:

  • What are your top tips for dealing with imposter syndrome?
  • Could anonymous job applications help level the playing field?
  • What opportunities are there for women from African and Latin American backgrounds in conservation in the UK?

Extra Resources

Find more support, safe places for discussion and top tips with these resources:

  • The Women’s Room (TV / Radio experts)
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  • Women in Nature Network
    WiNN supports women working in conservation by catalyzing networks, an annual global networking event, a mentoring program, and support for conservation on the ground.
  • Women in Ecology Mentoring
    British Ecological Society (BES)’s mentoring scheme, running since 2009. Mentors have provided professional support in areas such as career changes, work-life balance and career development.
  • Women For Conservation
    Empowers and partners with women around the globe to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.
  • Disqualifying the Positive
    “Success is rarely based on pure luck. Challenges are an opportunity to grow. To change your mindset, change your language.”
  • Keeping it Wild
    An ambitious project that will empower and inspire 600 young people aged 11-25, from backgrounds currently under-represented in natural heritage, to gain vital skills while discovering, conserving and sharing their experiences of London’s wild spaces.
  • Diversity in Conservation
    Environmental organisations launch employment scheme for UK’s BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) youth
  • Flock Together
    A support club combating the underrepresentation of black, brown and other people of colour (POC) in nature (currently based in London, UK).

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