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At Conservation Careers we have LOTS of resources to help conservationists like you to find more happiness, impact and fulfilment in your career. You might be looking for work right now, seeking to unlock greater impact in your current role, or planning for your next career move. Whichever you are, we’re here to help. To help you
Would you like to unlock your creativity, clarity and confidence? Are you ready to increase your capability and skills in order to deliver change? From developing yourself to leading and managing others, we’re focusing on supporting present and future leaders in conservation. If you’re a student, job seeker, career switcher or professional conservationist, you’ll walk
With limited time available, and a need to have purpose and impact through our careers, how do we get the right things done well? How we choose tasks, organise our time and keep on top of busy email inboxes? Turns out saving the planet needs some serious time and task management! Joining our host Dr
Last year, Sir David Attenborough said that saving the planet is now a communications challenge. And within conservation there is a growing realisation that we need to do much more to share our messages, to encourage more support and action. As a result, conservation employers are rapidly looking for people with communications skills. They want
At Conservation Careers we have LOTS of resources to help job seekers like you get hired quicker. We know money can be super tight, and you might be finding the job hunt tough. You’re not alone – we’re here to help. In this review, we’ve hand-picked our top resources for job seekers. To help you to get
At Conservation Careers we have LOTS of resources to help students like you to get fully ‘employment-ready’ for working within the conservation sector. We know money can be tight, and you might be worried about your job hunt. In this review, we’ve hand-picked our top resources to help you to get clear about what you can
Do you like the sound of creating new habitats, leaving a positive legacy of nature behind you? That is soon to be the reality of working as an ecological consultant, as the upcoming Environment Bill will make it a legal requirement for new construction developments to have a positive impact – a ‘net gain’ –
Conferences, meetings, festivals, community gatherings, networking events and more… Today there are many in-person and virtual conservation events to choose from! So how can you make the most of events for your career? In this episode we discuss how events can help your career, how to choose which event(s) to participate in, and how to
This week we welcomed five new Social Media Officers to the Conservation Careers team as part-time, remote volunteers. We know that it can be hard – and sometimes impossible – for conservationists to receive feedback from employers about their job applications (just check out our survey Conservation Job Applications | Key Stats). To help, we’re
Do you want your conservation work to have broader impact?  Do people need to act or change their behaviour to ensure the success of your project? Do you need to talk to the public to engage, inform and make things happen?  Do you want to share your research, with authority, to your peers? Then you
At Conservation Careers we have LOTS of resources to help career switchers like you understand what’s needed to transition your career into nature conservation. You might have a passion for wildlife and want to work in nature conservation, but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help you understand the conservation job landscape, where you
Clare Celeste Börsch is a collage artist living in Berlin. She’s developed a technique for converting digital images of nature into large scale collages, using archives of naturalist art that go back hundreds of years. A lifelong nature lover, she hopes to convey the beautiful biodiversity of our planet through immersive collages that will motivate
Are you more at home in the water than on land? Would you like to study the life in our oceans and seas, from microscopic algae and plankton to whale sharks and blue whales? Find out how to become a marine biologist and dive into an exciting career! As a marine biologist, you could help
Dr Fabiola Quesada is a veterinarian and wildlife conservationist based in South Africa. As the CEO of Wild Spirit and co-founder of Wild Spirit Fund, Fabiola used her veterinary background to pave the way for veterinarians interested in wildlife conservation. Read more to hear about Fabiola’s work with Masai tribes, her life as an entrepreneur
If professional conservationists could go back in time, what useful information would they have learnt sooner, that would have helped them in their careers? What differences are there between our expectations when starting out in conservation, and the realities of the sector? Sadly, we haven’t worked out how to time travel just yet, but we